Review the best Banh mi in Hanoi

“Today, when I went through the Hang Dau – Hang Thung intersection, I saw a luxurious 3-storey shop, decorated like Hoi An old town but only selling bread, I think they opened it to launder money, but what kind of bread shop would waste it? The price of renting space right at the intersection of the old town is still struggling… And  in a Sunday morning , without rain or sunshine, wanting to see the streets, I went to the Banh mi Long Hoi and try it and the ending was unexpected “.

1.Unbelievably delicious bread

The crust of the bread is crispy, dense, and anyone who has ever eaten Hoan’s bread (a bread shop in Hanoi)  will find it a bit similar, different from the other bread brands in Hanoi. The feeling of homemade bread, not mass products.

How about the fillings? The bread fillings remind me of banh mi Hoi and make me want to fly to Hoi An right away. Anyone who has ever eaten Phuong bread or Madam Khanh Hoi An bread will see that the filling here is not inferior. The fillings consist of 8 flavors. I temporarily ate “Success Bread” taste with grilled meat, shumai, charsiu, pate. Great taste!

2.Beverages here is very nice as well

The honey lemongrass tea here is really delicious, also add dried petals, both fragrant and very satisfied. The taste of the water is very rich, not bland or acrid like other goods.

Especially, the corner of the intersection sitting outdoors like a street cafe, drinking tea is enough to make the spirit excited.

3.Service attitude and food hygiene and safety

The impression is that the staffs are very obedient, polite, and provide enthusiastic advice. The restaurant is clean, feeling safe and secure in stomach.


48k /loaf, vegetarian bread is 28k /loaf.

In general, bread here is a little bit higher than others bread in Hanoi but still cheaper than some famous bread brands in Saigon.

Personally, I prefer taste of banh mi here to other brands.

Ps: Celebrating a day of delicious bread – Long Hoi

Above is the sharing of HA Viet LE customers about Banh mi Long Hoi. If you also want to enjoy the special taste of Long Hoi bread, visit the store at No. 1 Hang Dau Street, Hoan Kiem.


Banh Mi Long Hoi  with an extremely rich and diverse menu with a variety of fillings from ingredients with bold Hoi An flavor including grilled meat, pork belly, cold meat, ham, charsiu … with rich sauce cooked according to a traditional recipe to ensure the Hoi An tastes but still retain its distinctive features, not mixed with any other brands. Special hot chili. Bread crust is made from 100% wheat, no additives… All blend together and create an attractive bread product, once eaten, you will never forget.

Let’s see some customer’s reviews after dining at Banh mi Long Hoi.

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