Hoi An – A peaceful and strangely beautiful Land.

Coming to Hoi An, you will surely see images that make us feel strangely moved. Images of endless countryside fields, friendly people always with bright smiles, dark yellow walls, hanging lanterns, images of food stalls crowded with customers…

Together with best Banh mi Long Hoi, let’s walk around Hoi An and enjoy the gentle atmosphere of this peaceful place!


Hoi An – A beautiful small city located on the banks of the romantic Hoai River. The beauty of Hoi An is not only in the friendly people but also in the poetic, ancient, and beautiful landscapes.

Here are the beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions in Hoi An

• Temple of Bridge

• Famous Chinese assembly halls such as Trieu Chau assembly hall, Cantonese assembly hall, Fujian assembly hall…

• Beautiful and famous beaches such as Cua Dai beach, An Bang beach…

• Traditional craft villages such as Tra Que vegetable village, Thanh Ha pottery village…

• Bay Mau coconut forest

• My Son Sanctuary

• Cu Lao Cham


Not only attracting tourists, Hoi An also attract people because of diversity of cuisines. Here are the famous delicious dishes of Hoi An that you must try when coming to this place.

•       Cao Lau

•       Banh mi (Bread)

•       Chicken rice

•       Pancakes

•       Wet cake with grilled meat

•      Quang Noodles

•       Noodle rolls

•       Rice noodles with barbecue

•       Tea

Let’s stop at best Banh mi Long Hoi, No.1 Hang Dau Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi to enjoy banh mi, special tea and take beautiful photos with Banh mi Long Hoi.

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