Top 3 most delicious and must try at Banhmi Long Hoi

Banh mi Long Hoi is one of the familiar addresses of gourmets Best banh mi in Ha Noi. Coming to Banh mi Long Hoi, if you don’t try these 3 dishes right away, you will definitely regret. It’s not just the tastes of the food, it’s the unforgettable memories for everybody.

Success Bread – a favorite Hoi An specialty.

This is a favorite dish of local and international foodies. The special thing that makes these breads unforgettable is the carefully prepared fillings combined with the heirloom sauce. Success Bread is kneaded manually from flour without additives, baked at the right temperature to create crispy that are not dry and spongy like other popular breads. The most prominent of Success Bread is the combination of flavors from various types of fillings, the ingredients are added to the bread very carefully and meticulously, creating delicious, fatty and crispy bread. Not to mention the heabals served with typical Hoi An chili peppers that is rarely found anywhere else, bringing an unforgettable aftertaste.

Cao Lau – A dish reminiscent of Hoi An

Talking about Cao Lau, people immediately think of Hoi An, a beautiful and hospitable Land. Cao Lau is not only famous for its delicious taste, but is also considered the culture and culinary pride of the people of the Land of Quang.Diners can taste Cao Lau in many places, many different areas across the country, but when you come to Banh mi Long Hoi, you will not forget the taste that is both strange and familiar, an unforgettable impression.Cao Lau noodle seems to be a mix of Japanese Udon noodles and Chinese charsiu, plus Tra Que vegetables, tiny bitter herbs, bean sprouts, cabbage and coriander combined with crispy pieces of ram. The food looks simple but very special, blending between many flavors and cooking methods of many culinary cultures. The bowl of noodles looks simple, but when you mix it with a little soya sauce with a little traditional chili sauce and eat it with deep-fried pork skin, you will feel the essence of a seemingly simple but famous dish.

It can be said that enjoying Cao Lau helps diners awaken all senses from the sound of noodles, the aroma of fish sauce, soy sauce, the greasy smell of fat shrimp mixed with the sweet aroma of shrimp, charsiu meat, mixed with enough pungent, bitter, acrid taste of cilantro. A dish aftertaste can only be found in Cao Lau Hoi An, rich and full of flavor.All ingredients to create attractive and unique dishes are strictly tested for freshness and safety for customers’ health. Besides, the skill of genuine chefs from Hoi An is also the value that creates this well known brand.

Kumquat honey tea – Gentle but unforgettable

This is one of the delicious and very healthy drinks chosen by young people. The cool sweetness blends with the slight aroma of ripe kumquats to create an unforgettable drink. Although it is a drink that is relatively easy to prepare, what makes it special is the harmonious sweet and sour ratio, making it easy for anyone to drink in a moment.

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