Cao Lau – A dish that contributes to the soul of Hoi An cuisine “For anyone who goes to Hoi An ancient town”

The Best Vegetarian Banh Mi in Hanoi? “Who passed through Hoi An ancient town, visit Fujian and eat Cao Lau”

Cao Lau Noodle, a specialty, the pride of Hoi An’s culinary culture. The dish with the blend of noodles, fish sauce, soya sauce, vegetables and shrimp or pork … awakens all your senses. To help Ha Thanh people enjoy the special taste of this dish, Banh mi Long Hoi added this Hoi An special dish to the menu. Please come and enjoy the delicious taste of this specialty dish at No. 1 Hang Dau Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.


Told by Chinese people who lived a long time in Hoi An,  Cao Lau appeared in this Old Town in the 17th century, when the port of Hoi An was just opened and Lord Nguyen allowed foreign merchant ships to exchange goods in Hoi An. Although the Japanese entered Hoi An to trade first, it was the Chinese who remained the longest in this ancient land. Cao Lau is not really a noodle, nor Pho at all.This dish is considered a mixed noodle, appearing only in Hoi An, Da Nang and Hue. Cao Lau is often sold in two-story restaurants, with red and blue lanterns hanging above, diners sit and eat, both enjoying the delicate aroma of ancient dishes, and have the opportunity to enjoy atmosphere of ancient street corner here. The name Cao Lau is always a question mark for every tourists  when they experience the ancient features of Hoi An. Cao Lau does not come neither from China nor from Japan. It is said that this is a dish that is synthesized by many ethnic groups, this strange name is probably derived from Chinese language, indicating delicious dishes. The rich people in the past when going to restaurants in Hoi An, they often sat upstairs, this delicious delicacy was used to being called “upstairs”, gradually getting used to call only “Cao Lau”.


At first glance, people think Cao Lau is just noodles or Pho. In facts, it is not. This dish is much more elaborately prepared.Cao Lau noodle is made from Quang Nam rice. This fragrant rice is soaked in ash water (ash is from firewood in Cu Lao Cham, an island with 16km from Hoi An). Noodle is only made from rice soaked with this kind of ash water will become golden like turmeric and retain their distinctive flavor. The water is used to knead the dough to make Cao Lau must be taken from Ba Le, an ancient well, a well made by Cham people thousands years ago, the water is clear, sweet and cool, mixed with flour to make the noodles supple and firm. After stuffing, Cao Lau flour will be thinly rolled, then steamed, then cut into large strands. Doing so will help the noodles not only be flexible but also retain a certain degree of dryness. The accompanying salad is also very special when there are up to 12 vegetables such as herbs, cinnamon, chrysanthemum, bitter vegetables, cilantro, bean sprouts, lettuce, lettuce, baby cabbage, banana cabbage, cucumber, star fruit. . However, there are basic indispensable vegetables that are bitter vegetables, fragrant cinnamon …Cao Lau’s charsiu must also be carefully selected and processed sophisticatedly with whole pieces of lean pork, seasoned with salt sauce, five flavors… After processing, the charsiu meat will be soft and tender. and has a characteristic and attractive brick red color.When enjoying Cao Lau, you must mix it well for the sauce to permeate evenly. A bowl of Cao Lau will help awaken all senses with rich flavor of fish sauce, soya sauce, shrimps, porks and vegetables to eat with.


If you are living and working in Hanoi, suddenly on a nice day, you crave for a bowl of Hoi An Cao Lau, what should you do? It’s not easy to book an airline ticket to Hoi An right away. It is also difficult to enjoy it through the images or videos that are rampant on the internet.Banh mi Long Hoi Store has added Cao Lau on the menu to serve customers dining at Banh mi Long Hoi or taking away. Cao Lau, though rustic, is elaborately prepared by the Chef from Hoi An and with Quang Nam standard ingredients, which will create a delicious taste.

Enjoy Cao Lau at Banh mi Long Hoi

Address: No.1 Hang Dau Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Hotline: 083 511 68 66 Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00 Banh mi Long Hoi offers different dishes with typical flavors of Hoi An. Although, only in operation since the beginning of 2022, Banh mi Long Hoi  has received lots of 5* review and lot of loves from both local and international customers.  

The familiar Hoi An space

The golden walls, high hanging lanterns… have made Banh mi Long Hoi a very unique Hoi An place in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Town. The space is spacious with many beautiful corners and views so you can comfortably enjoy the food and take beautiful pictures.Professional and enthusiastic service The chefs, staffs at Banh mi Long Hoi are also very enthusiastic and provide professional services. They always creates sympathy for all customers. Banh mi Long Hoi promise to bring to customers delicious dishes with professional services.

Delicious Dishes

100% of diners when coming to Banh mi Long Hoi give compliments to the food and drink here. All ingredients for processing are carefully selected, the chef ensures that the Hoi An Cao Lau is guaranteed to have the best taste ever.

If you love Hoi An cuisine, want to enjoy crispy vegetarian banh mi, mixed with the aroma of tofu and mushroom,… with a little added herbs to relieve boredom right there. In Hanoi, Long Hoi Banh Mi is definitely a place not to be missed

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