Banh mi Long Hoi qualify food hygiene and health safety standards

Are you looking for The Best Vegetarian Banh Mi in Hanoi? Food is one of the essential needs and ensures human existence and development. However, for many different purposes, restaurants and shops still use food that does not guarantee food safety. Using preservatives… Causing unpredictable consequences for users.


At Banh mi Long Hoi, we always put food safety and health safety as the top principle. Long Hoi is committed to use clean and fresh materials. Always strictly control the input as well as the preservation and processing process to produce the final product to ensure the safest for the health of diners.

Coming to Banh mi Long Hoi, customers can be assured of food quality because:

• 100% fresh ingredients, ensuring VietGAP standards• Food is controlled with expiry date

• High nutritional value, diverse menu

• Being granted a certificate of Food Hygiene according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.


• Banh mi Long Hoi has enough area to arrange food display areas, storage and storage areas and convenient to deliver raw materials and food products.

• The area for preparation and processing of raw materials is dry, not stagnant or flooded.• The restaurant space is safe, not affected by toxic chemicals and other sources of pollution.

• Food area, hygiene and ancillary areas are separate, hygienically guaranteed.

• Ventilation, lighting and temperature systems are suitable for food preservation requirements, ensuring ventilation.

• Fully equipped with waste collection equipment, with tight lids and daily cleaning.

• Have enough clean water to clean equipment, tools and clean the facility and in accordance with the regulations.


• Sufficient equipment to control temperature, humidity, ventilation and other factors affecting food safety.

• Equipment to prevent insects and harmful animals is guaranteed and maintained regularly

.• Equipment and tools to monitor and measure product quality and safety must ensure accuracy and be periodically maintained.

Let’s stop at best Banh mi Long Hoi, No.1 Hang Dau Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi to enjoy banh mi, special tea and take beautiful photos with Banh mi Long Hoi.

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Số 1 Hàng Dầu, Lý Thái Tổ,
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